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Armoured Cables

Armoured cables are installed in Outside Plant Applications (OSP) suitable for indoor duct or direct buried installations. The cable has a very high compressive strength & the armoring provides protection against rodents and other types of likely mechanical damage. Available in a variety of designs such as non metallic steel tape & steel wire armouring cables.

Armoured Steel Wired Cable

Steel wire Armoured cable makes cables rugged to be suitable for direct burial with excellent cursh resistance and full rodent protection. Used in areas where mechanical impact on the installed cable is to be expected.

Armoured CSTA Cables

Armoured Fiber Optic Cable Series are suitable for direct burial applications as well as duct applications. Corrugated Steel tape armoured cables are designed specifically for use in areas requiring a high degree of mechanical protection. The cables are extremely rugged and provide good rodent protection.