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Platinum Series With FRP & Glass Yarn Optical Fiber Cables

Acrylate primary coated fiber placed loosely in a jelly-filled uni-tube, HDPE jacketed, steel wire embedded in HDPE jakets as strength member, fiber optic cable for CATV application.

Optical Characterstics or G 652D Fibers

  • Attenuation (dB/Km) @1310nm <0.340
  • @1550nm <0.230
  • fiber cut offwavelength <1320nm
  • Mode Feild Diameter @1310nm < 9.3+-0.5mm
  • Mode Feild Diameter @1310nm < 9.3+-0.5mm
  • Mode Feild Diameter @1550nm < 10.4+-0.5mm

  • Cable Construction Details

  • No. of Fibers in Tube : 2/4/6/12 fibers per tube as per fiber count
  • Loose Tube: PBT Loose Tube Filled in Thixotroplic Jelly
  • Strength Member: Fibre Reinforced Plastic
  • Outer sheath: High density polyethylene - Black Color -1.8mm Nominal
  • Standard Length: 3000m+- 10%