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RG 11 Cables

RG11 coaxial cable offers unsurpassed performance in audio/video applications such as CATV, CCTV, satellite, HDTV, TV antenna, and distribution.

RG11 is a 14-gauge wire, a higher gauge than other video cables, giving it more room to transfer signal. RG11 cable provides 3Ghz frequency for CATV, HDTV, TV antenna, and video distribution. It is ideal entry-point feeder systems running into building and extending to each floor and room of commercial and residential buildings. It is also great for improved audio and video performance in home theater applications. Our RG11 coax cable is UL and/or ETL verified as well as RoHS complaint—our cable meets and exceeds industry standards.

Differences Between RG11 and RG6

  • RG11 maintains a better signal.
  • RG11 works at higher frequencies.
  • RG6 costs less.
  • RG11 is thicker, making it less flexible.
  • RG11 and RG6 are mostly interchangeable.