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Empowering the digital era with cutting-edge fiber optic solutions, we are a premier manufacturer of high-speed, reliable fiber optic cables for superior data connectivity.

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Connecting the world with precision and clarity, we are a leading manufacturer of high-performance coaxial cables for seamless data and signal transmission.


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With 32 years of expertise in manufacturing electrical wires and cables, we have continuously delivered cutting-edge solutions, empowering industries worldwide with seamless connectivity and unmatched quality.

Built on a foundation of reliability and excellence, our customers' unwavering trust in our electrical wires and cables is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled products and exceptional service.



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Powering Connections, Empowering the World.

A Legacy of Dependable Electrical Solutions.

At M-CORE, we proudly uphold our legacy of delivering premier optical fiber and CCTV networking cable solutions to industries and individuals. Recognizing the pivotal role these cables play in powering and securing our modern world, our commitment is to surpass industry standards and cater to the dynamic needs of our customers. With a profound understanding of technology, we strive to provide cutting-edge products that redefine connectivity and surveillance.

  • Zero Lot Variation

  • 100% all weather solution

  • Low Bending & Signal Losses

  • 99% Downtime protection

  • Easy replacements

  • Customized Solutions

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Our firm produces a wide array of cables, including versatile optical fiber, CCTV, and networking cables, alongside custom solutions designed to meet specific industry requirements.

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Inside Our Culture: Where innovation thrives, diversity is celebrated, and every member shapes the future of our company.


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